The Future Institute
The future is post-partisan
Fostering accountability in media through prediction
Information silos,
fake news,
elite bubbles.

How can you believe anyone?

When you ask people to make specific predictions, and then track who is wrong and right, you take the first step toward a public discourse driven by facts, not spin.
How we do it:
A game, a podcast, and more

The Future Game teaches you how to predict
A terrific mobile game that anyone will enjoy. If you're good, you'll win cash prizes. Players join a community that will generate some of the most reliable crowd-sourced predictions available today.
Prove your foresight
The Future is an impartial judge. Predict correctly and you'll amass a good Future Score. You can demonstrate your skills in subject areas like politics, media, technology, and more. Then display your credentials proudly on social media and LinkedIn.
Come on The Lookahead
The Lookahead will be a ground-breaking podcast where we give the microphone to people who've proven they deserve our attention. We don't care about your experience, degrees, what you look like, or where you come from. If you can predict accurately, we want your views.
Building a post-partisan media
Prediction has no patience for partisanship, no time for misinformation. You're either right or wrong. In this way prediction is post-partisan. We'll bring our method of accountability to a variety of new media initiatives.
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