Our mission is to support better prediction, to approach uncertainty gracefully - and to keep us all honest, by keeping score.

Through media initiatives, education tools, and professional recognition awards, we'll take steps toward the post-partisan future we all deserve. Contact us today if you'd like to pitch in.


Understanding our future is perhaps the defining topic of our age. We must refine our ability to predict tomorrow's challenges to our climate, our democratic institutions, and our public health.

But it can be hard to know whom to trust. Today's media exposes us to countless ill-considered or alarmist predictions that, well, simply never pan out. As a result too many citizens are losing faith in leaders, in expertise, and in institutions' ability to safeguard our well-being.

It doesn't have to be that way. In virtually every field of knowledge prediction tools are improving. Forecasting games and communities are finding skilled predictors from all sectors of the public. We can now predict a wider array of events more accurately than ever.

The Future Institute seeks to help our culture embrace these new tools. The more we encourage prediction and accountability, the more we lay the foundations for a better public dialogue, and a better future as well.
Executive Team
Co-Founder and Executive Director: Markets and Games
Brent Stinski completed a PhD degree at Cambridge University in the psychology of art and entertainment in 2007. Later that year Stinski founded Media Predict, a game-based platform that radically improved the forecasting of successes and failures for major film and television properties. The company has served networks and studios in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India.

Brent Stinski
Executive Editor: Prediction Media
Aaron David Lewis is an acclaimed journalist and filmmaker known for his globe-spanning television documentaries. A longtime public broadcasting political correspondent, he is a veteran of presidential campaign coverage. Since 2016, Lewis has focused on creating better forecasting tools for journalistic and political accountability. He is the founder and current head of content at ModernEpic, and serves as executive editor at
The Future Institute.

Aaron David Lewis
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