The Future Institute
The Future Game
Where the finest forecasters face-off
Games teach us about the world.

They teach us to anticipate what's next.

The Future Game is the foundation to building accountable, predictive media.
Predictors are priceless
Keeping score
is the key
We all make predictions on a daily basis - from friends having casual conversation to pundits on cable TV. But does anyone ever keep score? At Future, we do. Every day The Future Game supplies players with relevant questions on which they can register their best forecasts. It all culminates The Future Score, a grade of your ability to look ahead.
Merit gets the
Our Lookahead podcast will hand the microphone to people who've proven they can predict with accuracy. Anyone can amass a strong Future Score and come on the show.

That's right: we're turning political media into a meritocracy.
Get better at knowing
what's next
Future is good for your career, too. There's no more important professional qualification than being able to predict what will happen next in your field. On social media and LinkedIn, players can display their proven skills. Corporations can work with Future to do workshops helping employees predict the road ahead.
Build community, build accountability
Communities that form around a shared set of facts help support accountability in the exchange of ideas.

On social media and LinkedIn, players can display their proven skills. They can bring others into the conversation about what it means to be fair, accountable, fact-based, and accurate.

The Future Game (a preview)

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