The Lookahead is The Future Institute's new podcast, launching later this year. It's our way of answering a question on everyone's mind:


The Lookahead will be a weekly take on what's next. But it's not your regular news podcast. We'll interview well-known forecasters on the left and right, as well as rising stars from our own Future Game. And they'll all focus on one thing: being right. The result is a new kind of political discussion that's data-driven, smart, humble, and above all worthy of your trust.

In special segments we'll also chat with some of world's best super-forecasters – geniuses of prediction from finance, environmental science, political strategy, agriculture, and more. They'll break down the odds, their assumptions, their research, and share their best forecasts for our uncertain times.

The show is hosted by The Future Institute's Executive Editor Aaron Lewis — award-winning journalist, filmmaker, and immersive video pioneer. He'll lead an upbeat weekly conversation with segments like "The Right Side of History," in which we can take a look at crazy predictions that turned out to be right, and "FutureProof," where we'll look at how we all will have to adjust in the coming years.

The Lookahead is all about providing our community with a new, post-partisan town hall. It's unlike any political discussion you've ever heard. Tune in wherever quality podcasts are found.
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