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The Future is Post-Partisan
Creating data-driven prediction tools to support the meritocracy of ideas and factual accountability in media and public discourse
Information silos. Fake news. How can one break through?


When we ask people to make clear and specific predictions,
and when we commit to a shared set of facts,
that's the first step to a post-partisan world.
People can improve their predictions by playing
That's why we created the Future game
People make their predictions
People make predictions on a daily basis.
But how do they know if they're right?
Do they keep score?

The Future Game gives players a reliable scorecard for almost any prediction they want to make.

Let the game begin.
Merit gets the microphone
A conversation that hands the microphone to the people who have proven they can accurately predict the road ahead.

No connected people. No performers. No pundits. Just people who have a track record of being right.
Pro-predictors are priceless
There's no more important professional qualification than being able to predict what will happen next in your field.

On social media and LinkedIn, players can display their proven skills, and bring others into the conversation about what it means to be fair
and accountable in any exchange of ideas.
Supporting innovative predictive media:
a game, a podcast, and more.

The Future Hame introduces players to the principles of prediction
It's a terrific game that anyone can play. If you're good, you win cash prizes. Casual players can stop there... more committed players are welcomed into a community that is generating some of the most reliable, crowd-sourced predictions available anywhere in the world.
Players who get good at the game build valuable skills
The Future is an impartial judge. Predict correctly and you'll amass a good Future Score. At Future anyone can prove his or her skills -- in sectors like media, technology, politics and more. Display your credentials proudly on social media and LinkedIn.
If you're REALLY good, come on The Lookahead
The Lookahead will be a ground-breaking podcast where we give the microphone to people who've proven they deserve our attention. We don't care about your prior professional experience, your degrees, what you look like, or where you come from. If you have a track record of accurate prediction, we want to hear from you.
Building a post-partisan community
Prediction has no patience for partisanship, no time for misinformation. In this way prediction is post-partisan. Our media initiatives will provide tools that support anyone who has had enough of misinformation, disinformation, performative outrage, and fake news.
A preview of the Future Game

The Future Institute: Faces
Founder and Executive Director: Markets and Games
Brent Stinski completed a PhD degree at Cambridge University in the psychology of art and entertainment in 2007. Later that year Stinski founded Media Predict, a game-based platform that radically improved the forecasting of successes and failures for major film and television properties. The company has served networks and studios in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India.

Brent Stinski
Executive Editor: Prediction Media
Aaron Lewis is an acclaimed journalist and filmmaker known for his globe-spanning television documentaries. A longtime public broadcasting political correspondent, he is a veteran of both democratic and republican campaign coverage. Since 2016, Lewis has focused on creating better forecasting tools for journalistic and political accountability. He is the founder and current head of content at ModernEpic, and serves as the executive editor at The Future Institute.

Aaron David Lewis
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